Can You Really Make Money In Affiliate Marketing ?

Is this question stopping you from getting started or from continuing your efforts with online marketing ? Many people who have been doing some investigative research on different forums or websites may be asking the question “Can you really make money in affiliate marketing ?”.

This is a good question and an easy one to answer but first lets take a look at what often causes a person to fall short of ever reaching their goal to make money online in the first place.

Quite often what happens is that a person will get started in a very hap-hazard kind of way. This is often done in an attempt to make a lot of money in a very short time period which is commonly referred to as get rich quick thinking. In all honesty, making money online is a very simple process, you basically need to find a system that works and then work that system.

Unfortunately many people mistake “being simple” for “being easy” and this is what leads them to being frustrated and full of doubts or completely giving up on their hopes of making money online. Even though you can make money by learning and implementing a very basic online business model based upon the following 4 steps :

Step 1.) Learn how to generate traffic - This can be done using a. ) Paid methods, b.) Free search engine optimization (SEO) methods or c.) A combination of both.

Step 2.) Send your traffic to an optin page - This will allow you to build a list of interested prospects.

Step 3.) Use an autoresponder series to provide useful content to your subscribers - This will allow you to build trust and establish rapport with your subscribers.

Step 4.) Promote relevant offers with your affiliate link - This is how you can monitize your list over and over and over again ; - )

Problems That Often Cause Marketers To Wonder Can You Really Make Money In Affiliate Marketing ?

Unrealistic Expectations - You should not begin with the expectations of making $10,000.00 per month your first year online, if you have never had experience creating that level of income before. It is possible to achieve this level of income over time if you have the right mentor or guidance, attitude and work ethic but for most people these things need to be cultivated and developed over time.

For most people it is far better to start by listing your strengths and interest, this will help you to identify both what you are good at and what niche or market you should focus on. When you have a good understanding of your interest and skills you can then explore the different ways of selecting the right product or service for a profitable niche that you will have a high likelihood of sticking with long enough to achieve an increasing level of financial success.

Lack Of Guidance - With the right training and the right amount of persistent effort almost anyone can become successful in online marketing. Training should be an on going part of your online business strategy. Investing in yourself and your future can often make the difference between experiencing a career of growth and success or disappointment and failure.

Lack Of Focus - Even though the internet and business in general is an ever changing environment, it is important that you select the key things that you need to focus on for the foreseeable future and stick with them as long as they are smart choices.

You should start by creating a list of your online daily, weekly and monthly goals for the things that you want to achieve. You can then work on creating an action plan that will allow you to focus your time and effort on working single mindedly towards achieving your goals.

Lack Of A System - Having a simple system or plan to get you started is something that will help you to build upon your previous efforts to create both momentum and repeatable results. When you have a good system or daily procedure list then you can objectively look at what is working and what needs to be changed, improved or eliminated.

Lack Of Consistency - A stop and go effort or working only when it is convenient is the slowest route that you can take to achieving success. However if you create a regular schedule that you follow on a consistant basis you will then be able to develop the success habits needed to accomplish your online marketing goals and objectives.

Lack Of Persistence - Success rarely, if ever happens on the first attempt or without consistent and persistent efforts to achieve it. By being determined to keep on keeping on and by renewing your desire and drive on a daily basis (this can be done by working on your own personal development), you will develop the unstoppable attitude needed for you to realize that “yes” you really can make money in affiliate marketing.

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Another Way To Make Money Online

One very smart and simple way to both make money online and increase your online knowledge, skills and abilities is by writing online articles for others. This can help you generate an additional source of income to pay for your online marketing expenses.

In addition you can also work on developing other key online marketing skills, like persuasive writing, creating search engine optimized and engaging content. These are skills that will also serve you well in building your own online business.

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