Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing In 6 Simple Steps

If you really want to create an online income for yourself; the best way to learn affiliate marketing is to start by seeing yourself as a highly ambitious, determined business person who is willing to do what it takes to create a profitable affiliate business. The reason this type of attitude is needed is because working on creating an online income can be very challenging and time consuming.

But the good news is that it can also be very liberating and very rewarding when done right. There are many well known examples of people who started with just an idea and desire to become successful and where able to use the internet to help them achieve their success. Three of the most famous achievers that you may be aware of include Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of and Jeff Bezos founder of

Regardless of whether you are totally new to online marketing or you have been working at it for some time now but not getting good or consistant results, developing the right mindset can make all the difference in whether you are successful or not and how quickly you will achieve your success.

Affiliate Marketing Is One Of The Fastest And Simplest Ways To Make Money Online

It is true that affiliate marketing can be one of the quickest and simplest ways to get started earning money online. The reason why this is true is because you can simply find an online merchant such as clickbank signup with them, select a product, promote it to all of your friends and others and when someone makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Even though this is how simple it can be to get started, the reality is that if you want to make a consistant or significant amount of money with affiliate marketing, it will require a good amount of time, training and effort to create a successful online business that will generate a good source of income for you. You may have heard it said that little efforts will yield little results and great achievements require great efforts.

Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing In 6 Basic Steps

Fortunately as with most forms of online training you have basically two main options available to you, which are free training or paid training. For most people just starting out joining a free affiliate marketing training site like Affilorama will work best.

If however you are more interested in paying a small monthly fee in order to join a top rated affiliate training membership site, then a site like Chris Farrells membership site would be a better choice for you. Regardless of which method you choose it is important to keep in mind that patience and persistence are required to create and enjoy long term success.

Now lets take a look at the six steps that you can take to get started learning how to make money with affiliate marketing ?

Step 1.) Study other successful achievers - Study and emerse yourself in learning as much as you can (without causing information overload) from a couple of different sources. This can most often be done by using more than one method for learning new information.

For example you may be in the habit of reading to learn new information however by also watching training videos and listening to audio training or podcast you can dramatically improve your intake and as-simulation of the new information.

You should plan your course of study so that you will learn things in a systematic, step-by-step way. This will assure your progress and prevent you from getting overwhelmed. This is where you will need to start developing your ability to focus and concentrate on identifying and doing the things that need to be done.

Step 2.) Practice what you learn - The sooner and the more often you put what you learn into practice, the sooner and faster you will learn it and be able to master it. It is very important to realize that more often than not, when working online in a competitive area like affiliate marketing you will need to be the best at what you do to be the one that most people will want to do business with.

Step 3.) Set clear, realistic daily goals - One of the biggest problems that most new people create for themselves is an unrealistic expectation of getting rich overnight or at least within the first week or two of starting. A better approach to planning income goals is to plan on earning income as a result of getting the right things done at the right time and in the right way. This is a some what simplistic approach that can be used to explain financial success or failure for almost every online business on the internet.

In other words focus on learning how to do things in such a way as to set yourself up for success. One online business model that does this very well is as follows :

+ Create a squeeze page to give-away a high quality offer in exchange for an email address.

+ Send a series of followup, informative and helpful email messages to your email subscribers to help build trust, rapport and establish yourself as an authority in your market.

+ Then promote High quality product or services that your subscribers can benefit from.

When you can do these three simple steps well, you can be sure that sooner or later the money will follow as a result of you doing the right thing, the right way and at the right time.

Step 4.) Create a marketing and promotion campaign - This is where you will need to create or setup your daily action/marketing plan. What are the things that you will need to do to get traffic to your squeeze page, content or offers ? (make regular blog and forum post, create promotional videos, use social media, etc, etc...). You should review and update your plans daily or at least on a regular basis.

Step 5.) Develop practical experience by working your plans. - This is where the 80/20 percent rule (Pareto Principle) comes into play. This rule says that 80% of your results will come from 20 % of your efforts. In order to put this rule to work for you it will be necessary to take massive action on your plans and track your results. This way you will be able to see what is working and do more of that.

Step 6.) Keep Learning - Reflect and review what worked to find out where improvements need to be made. Then its time to look for ways to scale up your successes. The bottom line is that if you are serious about achieving long term and on going online success, then the very best way to learn affiliate marketing is by taking that leap of faith and start doing it, because in the end “Nothing Trumps Action” Forbes Magazine.

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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Training - The Secret To Achieving Online Success

Are you thinking about starting your own work from home business ? or are you looking for a way to start getting consistant results from your current online efforts ?

Then getting good affiliate marketing training could be one of the best investments that you can make, if you are serious about learning how to make money online. The reason this is true is because those who invest in getting good training are investing both in themselves and the future success of their online business.

Trying to learn a new subject like affiliate marketing on your own can be done if you are persistent and determined enough to work at it long enough and hard enough until you start achieving results. However, it can also take you much longer than necessary if you choose to go it alone.

Affiliate Marketing Training - What’s In It For Me ?

The main reason why you should want to get the right training is so that you will learn the basics of online marketing, things like :

* Market/Niche Research

* Keyword Research

* Online Marketing And Promoting Methods

* Traffic Generation Strategies And Techniques

* Etc, etc, etc...

And learning the right way to go about building a successful and profitable online affiliate marketing business. This will help to make you aware of some of the many different strategies, options and methods available to you as an online marketer. This may include a basic understanding of things like

- Free Traffic Methods

- Paid Traffic Source

- Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Marketing

- Ecommerce Sites

- Mobile Marketing

- Etc, etc...

For most people there are 3 main categories of benefits that they are able to enjoy as a result of obtaining good affiliate marketing training, they are :

Category 1.) Training - This can be done in a variety of different formats such as

+ Ebooks

+ Online Videos

+ Webinars

+ Live Seminars

+ Audio/Podcasts

+ Etc, etc...

Category 2.) Association - Joining a membership site allows you to meet and associate with other like minded people who are actively involved in the same type of online business building activities as you are. This will help to prevent you from feeling like you are all alone in your quest for online success.

Category 3.) Support - This can be critical to your success because you will encounter problems, challenges or issues that you may need help with. In most cases contacting a support team can be the quickest and easiest way to solve any online problems that you may have.

What Is The Different Between Free Affiliate Marketing Training Courses vs Paid Sites ?

The main difference is the quality of the information : when you are considering using a paid site for your training needs, you are much more likely to be getting more in-depth and relevant information than you would normally get with a free program or ebook. The second major difference is the level of support.

In most cases with free training no customer support is provided or it may be provided during limited hours. With a good web based training program it will usually include 24/7 support or at lease provide you with support help desk where you can open a problem ticket and get a reply back within a 24 to 48 hour time period.

How You Can Turn Affiliate Marketing Into A Full Time Income/Business

Internet marketing can be a hobby that you work on when ever you get some free time or you can create an internet marketing business for yourself. Provided that you treat it like a business.

Treating it like a business simply means that you do (at a minimum) the following 3 Steps :

Step 1.) Get the training that you need to learn how the game of online marketing is being played. From your training you will be able to develop a plan or strategy to market (advertise and promote) a high quality product or service at a profit.

This should also include creating online assets such as a website or blog with plenty of good content, an email subscriber list and a good followup sequence for creating repeat business.

Step 2.) Plan your day/work in advance. This should include increasing your knowledge/skills on a regular basis and creating both short range, daily action plans as well as your long range business plans.

Step 3.) Working your plan on a regular and consistent basis, making corrections, changes and improvements as you go along.

These are the 3 simple steps that should be taken and repeated over and over again until you reach your online income goals.

Some Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Options To Consider Include :

Chris Farrell Membership Site




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Affiliate Marketing Coach Reviews - 3 Top Sites For Training

If you are thinking about using affiliate marketing as a way of making money online then getting an affiliate marketing coach is one of the best ways to increase your odds of success. Many people make the mistake of trying to go it alone and they end up struggling month after month without ever making any real income.

The unfortunate truth is that well over 95% of everyone who tries to start their first online business without any additional help will fail or give up within the first six months to a year. A few of the main reasons for this problem are as follows :

- Lack Of Guidance Or Information Overload - With all of the information available on the internet it can be difficult to pick out the best information for you to focus on. This can cause you to get stuck in a state of confussion and end up being totally frustrated and negative about the whole idea of making money online.

- Unrealistic Expectations - Even though making money online is easy, it is only easy after you have passed your learning curve. Many people make the mistake of thinking that you can start out making lots of money, right away. This can happen for you if you have prior experience or a good coach/mentor however for most people this is simply not true in most cases.

- Lack of Results - Most people get frustrated when after working day after day, week after week and month after month without seeing any money coming in as a result of their efforts. The truth is that they may be one or two small steps away from making a breakthrough but without expert advice or feedback, they may never know it.

The good news is that all of these problems can be avoided by working with an affiliate marketing coach to help you get your online business up, running and making you steady online income.

Benefits Of Using An Affiliate Marketing Coach

There are a lot of really good reasons why you should be using a good affiliate marketing coach to help you learn how to get started and start making money online as quickly as possible. Here are just a few of them for you to consider :

* Experienced Based Knowledge - Having someone to show you exactly what to do based upon their previous success can save you days, months and even years of struggle and frustration. They can help you see and understand how the big picture of online marketing really works. They will be able to help you set realistic goals and help you develop a workable strategy and plan to achieve your goals.

* Accountability - Starting your own online business can seem overwhelming and you can easily be tempted to put off doing some of your important daily tasks such as creating content or promoting your content, in favor of doing other more enjoyable things like surfing the net or chatting with friends. This is one of the main problems that stops most people from consistently progressing forward towards their goals. However having a coach makes you more accountable for doing the things that need to be done in order for you to make progress.

* Recommendations - Building a successful and profitable online business can involve many different tools, programs and resources such as a domain, a hosting provider, an autoresponder, etc, etc… A good coach or mentor will be able to give you their best recommendations, which can help save you both time and money. In some cases they may even provide some of these valuable resources to you for free as a result of joining their membership site.

* Master Minding - Being able to form and develop good relationships with successful online marketers will be a key factor in how fast and how far you can build your business and grow your income. To be successful online it is important to surround yourself with other like minded, success orientated people.

* Current, Updated Information - Because the internet and the way marketing is done online continues to change, grow and expand, it is important to have access to current information that will allow you to position yourself and your business for continued future success. This information should include things like search engine optimization changes as well as new social media developments and other up and coming marketing platforms such as video marketing, mobile marketing, etc, etc...

3 Top Affiliate Marketing Coach Programs

There are a lot of different programs available to choose from and the number of new coaching sites seems to continue growing daily. However here are 3 sites that have stood the test of time and have proven to be very valuable resources for their members :

1.) Chris Farrell Membership Site - This is a paid Membership site that provides premium step-by-step training with plenty of free gifts, bonuses and extras. Some of the key benefits are :

+ Voted #1 Internet Marketing Coaching Program 3 years in a row 2010, 2011 & 2012

+ A step-by-step 21 Days To Success video training course that you can use to learn exactly what you need to do to create your first successful web business.

+ Free hosting for an unlimited number of domains with your membership.

+ Pre-made or done for you websites that you can have online within a few short minutes.

+ 24/7 Customer Support to help you with any online problems or questions that you may have

+ 2 Tickets to a 3 day Chris Farrell live training seminar where you can meet and mingle with other like-minded business people.

Click here to learn more about the => Chris Farrell Membership Site Coming in second on the list is :

2.) Affilorama - They offer both a premium paid membership and a free basic membership with complete beginner training in all of the key areas of online marketing such as

+ Market Research to find a profitable niche,

+ Keyword Research - To locate low competition, high traffic keywords to base your content creation efforts upon,

+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) - Traffic generation methods,

+ Site building and more.

Click here for a membership with Affilorama

And coming in third is a site that has helped thousands of people launch successful and profitable online marketing businesses.

3,) Wealthy Affiliate - It also gives you the choice of a free basic membership which includes the following :

+ Live Chat + Personal Blog + 2 Websites + Starter Training + 30 Keyword Searches/month

or a premium (paid) membership which includes :

+ 7 days/week Personal Support + Premium Courses 2 through 6 + 4 Live Video trainings/month + Unlimited Premium Domain Websites + Unlimited Web Hosting + Expert Forum + Keyword Lists + Video Database + Unlimited Keyword Searches Click here to learn more => Wealthy Affiliate

By choosing an affiliate marketing coach from any of the above options you will be sure to be getting good, high quality training that can help you to achieve your online income goals.

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How You Can Reach Your Online Income Goals As Quickly As Possible

Learning how to make money online is a great way to create more monthly income for your short term income needs and to help you work towards achieving your longterm financial goals.

You will be off to a great start by having a clearly defined income amount to aim for whether its an extra $100.00 per month or $1,000’s of dollars more per month. Now to increase your odds of achieving your goal you will need to develop a burning desire for it and commit to it (don't just be willing to give it a shot). You will also need to do the following things :

1.) Develop (or find) a plan that you feel will allow you to achieve your goal. This plan should include choosing your business model (affiliate marketing, promoting physical products, freelancing (creating content for other), etc… And building an email list.

2.) Implement your action plan on a daily, consistent basis. This is where 80% (or more) of your efforts should be spent. It is important that you plan your work activities in advance and treat your business like a business.

3.) Track and monitor your progress. This will allow you to see what is working vs what is not working.

4.) Make changes and improvements as you progress. This will help you to constantly work on improving, getting better and giving more value to your visitors and subscribers.

How You Can Reach Your Online Income Goals As Quickly As Possible

You can make money online by following these two basic steps :

Step 1.) being able to create or give value to others at a good price, one that allows you to make a profit.

Step 2.) You make a lot of money by creating and giving a whole lot of extra value or service to even more people.

If you are able to develop or follow a system that will allow you to do those things, then yes you can and will achieve your online income goals as quickly as possible.

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How Using Freelance Content Writing Can Increase Your Traffic

Even though doing your own market research and creating unique, quality content for both your visitors and subscribers is one of the best ways to learn and become an authority figure in your niche, it may not always be the most practical way to build your online business.

Often when you are starting an online business while still working a full time job may only have a few hours per day to work on building your site. This is just one good example of when you could benefit from having freelance content writing done for you.

Benefits Of Using Freelance Content Writing To Grow Your Online Business

Here are just a few of the many different benefits that you can expect to enjoy as a result of outsourcing your content creation tasks.

* Getting unique, engaging, quality content that search engines like can help to quickly boost your traffic and increase your sales.

* Well written articles can be used to help educate visitors about issues or concerns within your niche and to encourage them to join your email list to learn more or to stay informed. Building an email list of targeted prospects and buyers is one of the safest ways to grow an online business.

* Outsourcing your content creation to freelance writers can be much more cost effective than hiring a full or even part-time writer to do all of your work.

* You can create a pool of good writers to choose from when you need more content. By creating a list of preferred writers, you are less likely to get bland or low quality content when the writers are aware that they are competing for your business.

* Posting new content on a regular basis will help to increase your backlinks at a natural pace. These backlinks can help to increase your page rankings in the search engines over time.

The key is to find a good source for quality content that you can use over and over again as long as you need to. In some cases you may want to post a classified ad for freelance writers or you may want to use an online article writing service like Iwriter.

Tips For Getting Good Freelance Content Writing Work

+ Develop a content creation plan or strategy that you can implement, follow and update as needed to help you meet your traffic and conversion goals. For example you may want to start by publishing 2 new articles a week in order to reach your monthly traffic goals or you may find that 3-5 new articles a week will work better for you.

+ Check Reviews or Ratings - This will help you to locate the good writers and avoid the bad ones.

+ When possible contact potential writers to check their availability and comfort level with your particular topic.

+ Start with a small project first - When you find writers that meet or exceed your expectations you should add them to your list of preferred writers.

+ Be as specific as possible for example you may want your article to contain your keyword used in the title, first, last sentence and once every 100 words and written in a friendly, positive tone. Stating your preferences in advance will increase the odds of your freelance writer creating your article exactly like you wanted it on the very first attempt.

Below is a video tutorial of how a fellow marketer Ike Paz uses Iwriter for freelance content writing to meet most of his article needs.

Below Are The Special Instructions For How To Use IWriter:

Please do not worry about SEO optimization – write naturally, make sure the article teaches the subject and be engaging. Put the complete main keyword once somewhere towards the bottom, in the conclusion.

No Fluff please, just pure helpful content The format should be written as such:


short Introduction to topic

step one:


step two:


step three:


step four:


step five:


step six:



Please put your self in the mind set of the reader and remember that they will find this article via google.

Please quickly ask the reader to pass this article along to friends and family via, facebook twitter etc…


Click here to start getting your articles written for you by => Iwriter

Can You Really Make Money In Affiliate Marketing ?

Is this question stopping you from getting started or from continuing your efforts with online marketing ? Many people who have been doing some investigative research on different forums or websites may be asking the question “Can you really make money in affiliate marketing ?”.

This is a good question and an easy one to answer but first lets take a look at what often causes a person to fall short of ever reaching their goal to make money online in the first place.

Quite often what happens is that a person will get started in a very hap-hazard kind of way. This is often done in an attempt to make a lot of money in a very short time period which is commonly referred to as get rich quick thinking. In all honesty, making money online is a very simple process, you basically need to find a system that works and then work that system.

Unfortunately many people mistake “being simple” for “being easy” and this is what leads them to being frustrated and full of doubts or completely giving up on their hopes of making money online. Even though you can make money by learning and implementing a very basic online business model based upon the following 4 steps :

Step 1.) Learn how to generate traffic - This can be done using a. ) Paid methods, b.) Free search engine optimization (SEO) methods or c.) A combination of both.

Step 2.) Send your traffic to an optin page - This will allow you to build a list of interested prospects.

Step 3.) Use an autoresponder series to provide useful content to your subscribers - This will allow you to build trust and establish rapport with your subscribers.

Step 4.) Promote relevant offers with your affiliate link - This is how you can monitize your list over and over and over again ; - )

Problems That Often Cause Marketers To Wonder Can You Really Make Money In Affiliate Marketing ?

Unrealistic Expectations - You should not begin with the expectations of making $10,000.00 per month your first year online, if you have never had experience creating that level of income before. It is possible to achieve this level of income over time if you have the right mentor or guidance, attitude and work ethic but for most people these things need to be cultivated and developed over time.

For most people it is far better to start by listing your strengths and interest, this will help you to identify both what you are good at and what niche or market you should focus on. When you have a good understanding of your interest and skills you can then explore the different ways of selecting the right product or service for a profitable niche that you will have a high likelihood of sticking with long enough to achieve an increasing level of financial success.

Lack Of Guidance - With the right training and the right amount of persistent effort almost anyone can become successful in online marketing. Training should be an on going part of your online business strategy. Investing in yourself and your future can often make the difference between experiencing a career of growth and success or disappointment and failure.

Lack Of Focus - Even though the internet and business in general is an ever changing environment, it is important that you select the key things that you need to focus on for the foreseeable future and stick with them as long as they are smart choices.

You should start by creating a list of your online daily, weekly and monthly goals for the things that you want to achieve. You can then work on creating an action plan that will allow you to focus your time and effort on working single mindedly towards achieving your goals.

Lack Of A System - Having a simple system or plan to get you started is something that will help you to build upon your previous efforts to create both momentum and repeatable results. When you have a good system or daily procedure list then you can objectively look at what is working and what needs to be changed, improved or eliminated.

Lack Of Consistency - A stop and go effort or working only when it is convenient is the slowest route that you can take to achieving success. However if you create a regular schedule that you follow on a consistant basis you will then be able to develop the success habits needed to accomplish your online marketing goals and objectives.

Lack Of Persistence - Success rarely, if ever happens on the first attempt or without consistent and persistent efforts to achieve it. By being determined to keep on keeping on and by renewing your desire and drive on a daily basis (this can be done by working on your own personal development), you will develop the unstoppable attitude needed for you to realize that “yes” you really can make money in affiliate marketing.

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Another Way To Make Money Online

One very smart and simple way to both make money online and increase your online knowledge, skills and abilities is by writing online articles for others. This can help you generate an additional source of income to pay for your online marketing expenses.

In addition you can also work on developing other key online marketing skills, like persuasive writing, creating search engine optimized and engaging content. These are skills that will also serve you well in building your own online business.

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