Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Making money on the internet could be a good option for you if you are willing to invest the time, resources and efforts needed to raise above the 90% of people who fail to achieve any significant amount of profit, income or success.

Even though it is a very simple online business model to learn and implement, if it is something that is completely new for you, then there may be a steep learning curve for you to overcome before you can realistically expect to start achieving your online income goals.

This does not mean that you should cancel it out as an online business option for you, it simply means that if you do choose to make money online with affiliate marketing that you look at it as a serious business opportunity that deserves (and will require) your complete and undivided attention in order to be successful and profitable for you.

Here is an exert from a great article submitted by Jennifer Ledbetter (Potpiegirl) that explains a little more about the right mindset needed to be successful at making money online with affiliate marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard?

by Jennifer Ledbetter

We’ve all read the sales pages claiming that all we affiliate marketers have to do is churn out some sort of online content each day and we’ll get rich. Plus, we can do it in our pajamas for just a few hours a day, leaving us endless free time to enjoy life. Heck, those pages say it’s so easy a two-year-old can do it, don’t they? So, with that in mind, why do so many claim that affiliate marketing is hard? What makes it so difficult?

If we take the over-hyped sales pages out of the equation and bring this back to reality, most of us know that starting any new business requires much more than just showing up for a few hours and doing a couple tasks to be successful.

On the other hand, when we work for someone else to help build their business, many times just showing up is enough to get that weekly check.

Adopting The Business-Owner Mindset

There isn’t a risk when you work for someone else. Well, wait, there is one risk — the risk of losing that job. But, the overall success of that business is not on the shoulders of the employees, is it?

With affiliate marketing, our bank balance depends on the results of our actions each day. Just showing up is not enough — it is all on our shoulders. I talk a lot about mindset. Not really from a “think it and you will achieve it” mindset, but more from an employee-mindset vs. a business-owner mindset.

So many of us are raised to get a good job and enjoy the security from someone else deciding what we’re worth each week via the number on our paycheck. That feels safe and easy in a way, doesn’t it? Show up, get paid. Do well, get a raise.

Overcoming The Employee Mentality We Were Brought Up To Expect

But, how many of us were raised to get out there, start a business, and be 100% accountable for the bottom line? More at…

Once you are fully aware of the proper mindset that will be required, you can then move forward and begin learning all of the other strategies and steps needed to be successful at making money online with affiliate marketing.

Those steps will include a variety of different things such as

+ Finding A Niche

+ Market Research

+ Creating A Website

+ Creating Content

+ Marketing and Promoting

At the start you may need to learn how to do all of these tasks yourself. However, once you are generating enough income you will then be able to have your business automated as much as possible or staffed with a few key personnel such as a virtual assistant, content writer, web designer etc, etc.

Learn How To Start Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing From An Expert

Chris Farrell is an internet marketing training coach who will walk you through a step-by-step process that he uses to help members of his membership site learn an easy niche finding process for making money online with affiliate marketing.

Success Grenade: Issue 3 - How To Find A Profitable Niche

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Affiliate Marketing - An Easy Way To Make Money Online

Yes, it is true that affiliate marketing can be an easy way to make money online, If you are willing to study, focus and work at it until you are able to master the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to achieve success.

Just like with learning any new skill or ability there will be a learning curve that you will need to work through, however once you have done that, you can have an ability to earn additional income that could last you a lifetime.

It is important to be realistic about how the business of earning money on or off line works, which is mainly by providing a product or service of value to others. Do not be tricked into spending money on a get rich quick scheme where you lead to believe that you do not need to do anything to create value for others yet you can expect to receive floods of money overnight. This is what causes many unsuspecting people to invest their hopes and money into something that leaves them both broke and disillusioned.

If, however you are interested in learning how to make money quickly, here is a great Wikihow post on "How To Make Money Fast"

Read article at…

Why Is Affiliate Marketing An Easy Way To Make Money Online ?

Unlike many other businesses, with affiliate marketing you do not need

- a lot of capital to get started, you do not even need

- a lot of business training or

- experience.

As long as you have a strong enough desire, the drive and motivation you can expect to find a way to make money online with affiliate marketing.

3 Steps To Make Affiliate Marketing An Easy Way To Make Money Online

If you have a good amount of experience in a profitable niche/market area or you are willing to invest the time needed to do a good amount of research in a market then you can realistically expect to build a successful and profitable online business.

Here are the basic 3 steps that you will need to follow to get past your initial learning curve :

Step 1.) Select the right business model - Affiliate marketing is a very simple business model that allows you to earn income by referring prospects to a merchants site. When a visitor that you refer makes a purchase, you earn a commission. It also allows you to build a longterm business by using a sales funnel to collect emails, build rapport through follow up emails and work on building lifetime customers. The key is providing great content that helps them solve they're problems and only promote high quality products.

Step 2.) Practice, Practice, Practice - This is where your experience and level of expertise gets developed. Learn, try and test different traffic generation strategies such as blogpost, social media, video marketing, etc, etc and different ways of improving or growing your business.

Step 3.) Rinse and repeat - When you find something that works, you should use it on a continuous basis or until you are able to find something even better ; - )

By taking the time to study and learn how affiliate marketing works you will be able to make affiliate marketing an easy way to make money online and by avoiding the #1 mistake that most newcomers or newbies make you will be able to do it quickly.

To find out what the #1 mistake is and how to avoid it, check out this short video by internet marketing coach and trainer, Chris Farrell. Here in the first of an ongoing video training series called "Success Grenade" which is provided as a part of his membership training program you will learn what it is and how to avoid it.

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An Easy Way to Make Money Online

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer And Make Money Online

For most people who want to work from home or make money online yet do not have a great deal of technical knowledge about creating websites, products or online businesses, learning how to become an affiliate marketer can be the quickest and easiest way to get started.

The reason why this is true is because becoming an affiliate marketer is a very simple three step process. It will vary from one business model to another. For example if you are completely new to online traffic generation you may need to learn about niche research or how affiliate marketing works.

Here is a graphic display of how affiliate marketing works

Click here to view a larger version.
How Affiliate Marketing Works

[Image provided courtesy of the Sugarrae affiliate marketing blog.]

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the overall process works, let's take a closer look at the steps involved. Here are the basic three steps for learning how to become an affiliate marketer :

Step 1.) Find a merchant with a product that you would like to promote to your target audience..

Step 2.) Read their affiliate agreement and then signup with them if you agree with all of their terms and conditions.

Step 3.) Create a campaign or action plan for promoting your affiliate link.

Here is an excert from an excellent article by on how to start promoting


Firstly, you need the correct mindset. Before anything can be applied on your website you need to be applied mentally. What do I mean by that?

You need to understand that this is a business this is no get rich quick scheme. You need to approach it with a serious attitude. I’m not saying you need to draw out a business plan or speak to your local business advisor, what I am saying is the seriousness you adopt when searching for credible information yourself, is the same mentality you must adopt when putting information out. Ok, so your mind is in the right place. You’re motivated and eager to begin.

Where do you start? There is a process all successful marketers go through to create what is termed an affiliate campaign; it just means to create a site to make money. It sounds grand, but even novices start them all the time by themselves to create additional income. To to start a campaign you need to:  

FIND A NICHE – This involves finding something a lot of people want with very low competition

CHOOSE A KEYWORD – Determine if those people actually wants to purchase that product

FIND AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM – This as you may know is where you will source the product then…

CREATE A WEBSITE and finally…



How To Become An Affiliate Marketer And Make Money Online

Becoming an affiliate marketer is actually the third step in a 3 step process for learning how to make money online. Here is a short video from a 5 part video series by Chris Farrell on how to create a website, become an affiliate marketer and make money online.

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Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities - How To Make Them Work For You

If you are on a limited budget and need to find a way to increase your income while you continue doing what you are doing right now, then this may be the right option for you. Fortunately for us, with most affiliate marketing business opportunities the business startup cost is usually pretty low, especially when compared to the cost of starting a traditional brick and mortar business.

You can usually get off to a good start by investing less than $100.00 and a few hours a day in studying and then implementing what you learn. For most people this can be a very smart and effective strategy to help you become your own boss on achieve more of your financial goals at some point in the future.

Here is a general estimate of what you might expect to incur in startup cost :

+ Coaching, Mentoring or Training $40.00 per month. This can provide you with the training that you need and a proven plan, method or strategy to help you become successful and get into profit mode as quickly as possible.

+ Domain - Less than $10.00 per year from a domain name registrar such as or GoDaddy. Your domain will be the platform for your online business.

+ Hosting for your domain - This will usually cost less than $10.00 per month from providers such as or, etc, etc

+ 5 well written articles at $5.00 each = $25.00 ( or you can write your own content, which may prove to be better in the long run). You should plan to continue adding content to your site on a regular basis, at least weekly or daily if possible.

+ About $15.00 or less for any other misc cost depending upon which specific affiliate marketing business opportunity you choose to pursue.

There are always exceptions to any rule and these are just examples or basic guidelines that can be used to help you estimate your startup cost.

Some Of The Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

Work From Home Affiliate Marketing - This is often the best option for most beginners who lack in-depth internet or computer knowledge. This includes options such as ebay sells, cost per action (CPA) marketing and other merchants such as,,, etc, etc...

Local Business Affiliate Marketing - This can become an additional source of income for you once you learn the basics of online marketing or develop a good working knowledge of how outsourcing works. Helping local businesses establish an online presence, get ranked in the search engines and establishing other methods of traffic generation such as pay-per-click (PPC) is what is most often require to make this business model work well for you.

Mobile Apps Development, Marketing and Sells - This is a very high demand and highly rewarding online business opportunity for anyone interested in learning mobile app development.

How Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities Can Work For You

The Truth About Online Marketing

The truth about online marketing can be summed up in one sentence. “It will take the right amount of time, effort and resources to achieve any level of success”. This is very good news simply because this means that the opportunity is open to everyone who is willing to pursue it.

It also means that if you are not achieving the success that you desire then you can identify which of the 3 areas (time, effort or resources) do you need to make improvements in ?

How Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities Can Work For You

Here are 5 basic keys to success with your online efforts

* Get good training before you start

* Develop a good working knowledge of search engine optimization

* Work on getting good a multiple ways of driving traffic to your offers

* Learn how to create good content that is both informative and persuasive - This will help you to build rapport with your readers and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

* Keep learning and growing to stay current with the fast paced changes that are constantly taking place in both the business environment and the internet.

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