5 Best Make Money From Home Online Business Models

Are you interested in learning about 5 of the best make money from home online business models for beginners ? If so, continue reading and I’m sure that you will be able to find one of them that will work well for you.

We are very fortunate in this age of digital technology because thanks to the internet there is an unlimited number of ways for people all over the world to make money from home online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a 12 year old girl or an 80 year old man, if you have the desire and the drive then you too can find a way to be successful online.

By learning some basic internet marketing skills you can choose to create a profitable online business for yourself in a variety of different markets, niches and areas of online expertise.

7 Make Money From Home Online Basic Skills You Will Need

Here are some of the basic skills that you should get familiar with, they include the following :

* Market Research - This will help you to learn how to find a high demand, low competition niche that you have an interest in. This should also include learning about the importance of market trends, prospects/visitors expectations and “keywords”.

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This should include on site, on page and off site optimization. SEO is a basic site and content structuring method that is used to help you get your web properties indexed and ranked by the major search engines as quickly and as high in the search engine rankings pages as possible.

* Keyword Research - Keyword research involves identifying which phrases or topics your niche market is interested in. It also helps you locate and focus on buyer keywords. In addition it also plays a major role in your search engine optimization efforts (keyword placement and density) as well as your content creation strategy.

* Content Creation - You may be familiar with the famous phrase by Bill Gates that “Content Is King”. This is what you will need to attract the attention of the search engines, so that you get ranked highly in the search engine results pages. In addition it is critical that your content is high quality content so that you are able to engage your visitors and hold their interest.

* Website Setup - This will vary depending upon the type of site you chose to work with, some examples include blogs, websites, membership sites, ecommerce sites, etc... Thanks to user friendly content management systems (cms) like Wordpress, this can be completed quickly and easily. There are plenty of videos that will walk you through the entire process in less than 5 - 10 minutes of how to setup your own personal website to make money from home online.

* Marketing And Promoting - Depending upon the level of competition in your chosen niche or market this may be your most challenging responsibility. The good news is that there are a variety of different ways that you can manage this ongoing responsibility. The best approach is to develop a flexible marketing and promotion strategy that you monitor, track and update on a regular basis.

* List Building - Creating and growing a list of interested buyers and prospects can be one of your greatest online assets. The reason this is true is because it is estimated that it takes a person at least 5-7 exposures to a marketing message before they are ready to make a buying decision. By collecting visitors contact information (like name and email address) you will be able to do followup marketing with them and provide even more high quality content so that they will be able to make a well informed buying decision about your product or service.

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5 Best Make Money From Home Online Business Models

From the many different online business models available to choose from these are the Top 5 business models that most people are able to learn with very little or no prior internet knowledge, skills or experience.

1.) Affiliate Marketing - This can be one of the easiest business models to setup because it simply involves signing up with an online merchant such as clickbank, amazon.com, commissionjunction.com, etc, etc.. and then promoting a product through your affiliate link.

Even though it is a simple concept, there is work involve for you to be successful with this online business model. However when you consider some of the many different benefits that it can provide you with, it becomes easy to see why so many people choose affiliate marketing for their first online business model. Click here to learn more about some of these benefits and How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

2.) Membership Websites - If you are an expert in a particular area and would like to leverage your time and expertise then creating a membership site might work well for you in your quest to make money from home online. The key to success with membership sites is to find a niche with a problem that you can solve and provide them with massive value so that they want to keep returning to your site. They can also be great tools for creating Simple Online Passive Income streams.

3.) Ecommerce Sites - Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce and refers to sites that sell (or buy) products or services directly. This is a great option if you want to create your own online store selling almost any kind of product or service.

Amazon.com and Ebay.com are two of the most widely known examples of successful ecommerce sites. Here is where you can learn more about how ecommerce works Creating Websites Like E-Commerce Sites.

4.) CPA Marketing - Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing is a way to make money from home online for people who do not want to do any selling. In most cases you will earn a commission as a result of your visitors completing a specific action, which is specified by the merchant. The action needed to be taken in order to earn you a commission could be any of the following :

+ Complete an email submit form + Complete a questionnaire + Complete a survey + Enter contact information and accept a trail offer. + Etc, etc, etc...

5.) Adsense/Publisher Websites - This will be the perfect online business model for you if you just have a passion for blogging and do not want to worry so much about competing for sales or customers. You can earn a regular monthly online income by creating content, getting a large amount of traffic to your site and then monitizing your traffic with paid ads such as Adsense, Kontrea.com, skimlinks.com, etc...

These are just a few of the many different ways that you can choose from to get started making money on the internet. Take some time and explore each of them to find out which one will work best for you in your quest to make money from home online.


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3 Simple Online Passive Income Opportunities That You Can Choose From

Let me ask you a question, does the idea of being focused on one specific project and working really hard on it for a couple of months or so to get that project up and running so that it can generate passive income for months and even years into the future, make sense to you ?

If it does then you are the kind of person that can do very well by using online passive income opportunities to build your own money making income streams.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that having a profitable passive online business will happen overnight or without any work being done to keep the business going. This is simply not true (in most cases) and it is the reason why so many people fail at trying to create an online business.

Trying to get something for nothing has always been a recipe for failure, however creating value for others has always been and will always be a great recipe for creating success.

What Are Online Passive Income Opportunities

Basically they are online, income producing assets that you create once and they allow you to earn ongoing monthly income continuously. It can be something as simple as a well written ebook on how to do something specific like “How To Win Friends And Influence People” or a product review article that you create for a "in demand" product or service. The key to there success is a direct result of the amount of “value” that they are able to provide to others.

3 Main Benefits Of Online Passive Income Opportunities

Make no mistake about it, creating your first successful online asset may take a lot of trial and error, effort, persistence and patience however when you consider the difference that it can make in your life (and lifestyle), I’m sure you will agree that in the long run it will be well worth it. Here are just a few of the key benefits that you can look forward to having :

+ Time Freedom - Creating your own online assets that will be able to provide you with passive income is a tremendous way of leveraging the 24/7 availability of the internet to work for you. When you stop trading your time (hours) for dollars you are able to spend your time doing the things that are important to you, instead of doing what someone else (like a boss) wants you to do.

+ Recurring Income - You will have more peace of mind knowing that you will have this recurring income coming in each and every month as long as your system is working properly.

+ Money Freedom - You can earn the money needed to both improve your lifestyle and contribute to others, whether its your family members or other charitable organizations. By creating more and more sources of recurring, passive income you create much more financial stability and flexibility for yourself.

These are just a few of the many different benefits that will be available to you as a result of choosing to focus on creating an online method for earning passive income.

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Top 3 Online Passive Income Opportunities For Beginners

Thanks to the internet there are hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to do this. Lets take a look at 3 of the best, simple ways to get started as an online marketer by building online assets that you can setup once and receive income from, time and time again.

1.) Creating An Online Website - This is a very good option for people who want to promote your own ebook, digital product or service. It is also a good option for promoting other peoples products as an affiliate.

2.) Creating A Blog - This is a great way to grow an audience of readers, collect contact information (such as email address, etc) and build a relationship with through following marketing as a blogger or affiliate marketer. An autoresponder will help you to automate the process of email marketing for you.

3.) Membership Websites - This can be one of the most lucrative online business models when you do the following things :

A.) Choose The Right Topic - Some good examples would be markets where there are always changing factors or variables to consider. A few markets that work well for this business model include forex trading, Internet marketing, Private Label Rights (PLR), etc...

B.) Provide good, relevant content to your members. If the content that you provide to your members is unique, informative and helps them make progress towards achieving their goals, interests or concerns then it is very likely that they will continue being a member of your site month after month.

C.) Market Your Site - You can use a variety of different methods to market your site, such as social media sites, search engine optimization, article marketing,etc, etc.

Your first 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months of working on creating your first profitable online business asset will be the most difficult time of your online career. However by paying the price now, you will be able to reap the rewards of your hard work and effort for many months and even years to come. The key is to do the work now so that you will have at least one or more online passive income opportunities working for you in the not too distant future.


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Wordpress Themes For Affiliate Marketing - How To Choose The Best Ones For You

Are you looking for the best Wordpress themes for affiliate marketing ? If so, you are not alone and you have plenty of options to choose from. Wordpress has well over 1,500 free themes available with well over 54.5 million downloads.

In addition to the free versions, you can also get the higher quality, premium themes that are offered at a relatively small price (usually under a couple $100.00 dollars). Or if you prefer, you can pay a higher fee for a completely customized theme which could easily cost you $5,000.00 or more.

They come in a wide variety of different styles and options to choose from and this can make choosing the right one for your affiliate marketing business very challenging. This is where getting a better understanding of the differences in themes can be very beneficial for you.

What Are The Differences In Themes

The main difference in the themes, comes down to how your site will look to your visitors and what kind of impression you will make on them. Here is a quick run down of how they work :

Free Themes

With the free options they provide basic functionality and simple designs. Because they are free there are alot more people who use them and they are often best suited for personal use blogs. They can be used “as is” or you can install plug-gins or widgets to add additional functionalities and features to them.

Premium Themes

These themes provide you with more distinctive designs and greater built-in functionality. They are better suited for affiliate marketing sites for a variety of different reasons for example :

1.) They give you more flexibility and customization within the many different theme elements.

2.) They can also help you stand out from your competition by allowing you to create your own unique site appearance and

3.) They tend to look much more attractive and professional than free themes.

The main benefit of using premium themes is that they will be more effective in helping you to generate sales.

Customized Themes

This is what you would pay a website designer for. This option can allow you to have a professional site created that will be truly unique to your business. The downside of this is that each time you need a change or modification done, you may need to pay a web designer to re-code your theme design to accommodate the change.

In most cases as an affiliate marketer, you are going to get the best results by investing in a professional looking theme that will make a very good first impression with your site visitors.

If you are just starting out and not ready to invest in getting a custom theme created for your sites yet then using a premium theme would be your next best option. Now lets take a quick look at what to look for in a quality theme for your site(s).

What To Look For In Wordpress Themes For Affiliate Marketing

Here are a few key things to make sure that you are getting in a theme to maximize its marketing potential :

+ Clean Layout - In most cases you will want to have a theme that is both attractive and professional looking. Simplicity is the key, you do not want to have any distracting elements built into your theme design. A clean layout will allow you more control over what your visitors are able to easily focus on at your site.

+ Easy Setup And Configuration - In most cases if your theme is a Wordpress theme, it will be a simple and straight forward method for setup and configuration. Another great advantage of premium themes is that they usually come with complete tutorials or training guides to walk you through multiple configurations or options. You will also often receive access to 24/7 support with premium themes as well.

+ Flexibility - You should be able to move different elements around so that you can make changes as needed. For example placing your side bar on the left or right side of your theme as well as using a two column or three column theme gives you more options to choose from and work with.

+ Customization - A key to being successful online with affiliate marketing is to be unique and stand out from the competition. By being able to customize your site you will be able to create unique sites that will catch the attention of your visitors. You want to have the ability to change things such as your theme layout, logo or site header colors as needed.

Many premium wordpress themes for affiliate marketing will also allow you to change more advanced features such as sidebar placement, menu styles and many other features. It is important that you have as much control over the look, style and layout of your site as possible. This will allow you to change, test and improve different aspects of your site. Each improvement that you make can help you increase your conversions.

+ Search Engine Friendly - By being search engine friendly your theme will be helping your rankings instead of hurting them. With free themes you may need to be familiar with html or css to make sure that they are SEO friendly. Most premium themes will list this as one of their features or benefits and with a customized theme you can make this a requested item.

+ Features And Options - There should be a good balance of the right amount of features and options for exactly what you want to accomplish with your site. An example of this would be selecting a theme designed for marketing in an ecommerce niche which may need a shopping cart and payment processing vs a dating niche which may do very well with a basic layout and an opt-in form. They would need a different set of features and options to optimize them for there specific niches.

Wordpress Themes For Affiliate Marketing Conclusion

It is often very tempting to use free themes for your site initially. However if you are seriously concerned about building attractive sites with a professional image then it is much better to go with either a custom made theme design or one of the premium wordpress themes for affiliate marketing.

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