4 Keys To Using Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business

You can and should learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing to grow your business. Start by expand your thinking and marketing efforts to incorporate the social media method of marketing which is focused on relationship-based marketing.

These tools can significantly increase your visibility within the market place and help you connect directly with your potential and existing customers. The old way of marketing online, by saturating the marketplace with your marketing message is being replaced with social media marketing.

Todays consumers want two-way communications, which means that now it is very important to make sure that your marketing message is both informative and engaging. All small and medium businesses should be aware of the Big 4 Social Media Networks which are :





And other up and coming sites like Google+, Pinterest, etc. However the key is to find out where the majority of your target market is being most active and then focus your efforts on those sites.

4 Keys To Growing Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

1.) Personalize Your Company - People want to relate to other people not companies. There should be a real person representing your business on all of your social networks.

2.) Create a strong branded presence - Have a consistent branded image on all of your social profiles. Professional graphics, irresistible offers and strong calls to action will all help to increase opt-ins and conversions to your page.

3.) Always make a two-way dialogue available this is key. Talk with your audience and not at them. You should inspire conversations by asking questions and asking for feedback.

4.) Grow your followers and audience - Provide incentives like free give-a-ways, contests, or bonuses to keep people promoting you and your brand.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most powerful and valuable forms of marketing and social media marketing helps to spread it like wildfire.

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Social Media Marketing For Affiliate Marketers - How To Make It Work For You

Social media marketing can be one of the best and fastest ways to get more traffic to your site and quickly grow your business. The reason this is true is because social media has moved mainstream and to the forefront of the internet.

Even major search engines like Google have acknowledged the increasing impact that social media sites are having on the way people use the internet. And this trend is only expected to increase as time progresses and the internet continues to grow in use and popularity. Just in case you are not sure what the buzz is all about, lets take a quick look at a brief explanation.

What Is Social Media Marketing

Basically it is a strategy which consist of using the internet and social media sites to connect with others in your market or niche who may be interested in what you have to offer and establishing a good relationship with them by providing value to them before you present your offer.

It should be used as a two way form of communications to provide information about your subject or topic as well as getting feedback, comments or suggestions from your audience.

It is sometimes referred to as a modern day form of word of mouth advertising, which is often considered one of the most effective forms of marketing that ever existed. Word of mouth advertising is basically when one person tries a new product, likes it and then spreads the word by telling all of their friends about it.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

There are actually quite a few benefits that you can expect to enjoy as a result of creating an effective social media campaign. Here are a few of the most common ones.

* Very low cost method of marketing and advertising - If you are a one person operation you can sign up at social media sites for a free account and get started with no out of pocket cost. However, if you have a larger company or want to be more aggressive with your social media marketing efforts then you can certainly invest in building a marketing team and a much more elaborate marketing campaign.

* Easy Of Use - Most online marketers are at least some what familiar with the ever changing marketing strategy of search engine optimization (SEO). Using SEO alone can be very time consuming and can take along time to produce results. With social media marketing you can publish your content on a blog, Youtube, Facebook or any other social site and start getting traffic and more back links to your site right away.

* Viral Marketing Potential - It can allow you to expand your marketing reach exponentially when one visitor shares your content with their network of friends and followers.

* Increased Opt-ins - You can configure your social media setup so that visitors need to take a desired action (optin, Like, Re-tweet,etc) to receive access or to get a special bonus.

* High Conversion Rates - When used properly by focusing first on building trust and rapport, you can often increase your sales dramatically as a result of better prospect and customer relationships.

These are just a few of the many different benefits that you can expect to enjoy, now lets take a look at how you can make this work for you.

How To Use Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business

The exact steps that you will need to take will vary from person to person based on the specific platform you choose to use. For example you would apply some methods differently on Facebook than you would on Twitter.

However these are the basic steps that can be applied for almost all platforms.

Step 1.) Training
- One of the most important things that you can do to help ensure the success of your social media efforts is to start by getting training for each specific platform. Get the best level of training that you can afford and view it as an investment in your marketing and traffic getting efforts which can lead to additional sales and income for you.

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Step 2.) Market Research
- You will want to get to know your online audience and this can be done by finding out what are their favorite social media sites. You can do a google search on “social media demographics” to get a list of sites with this kind of information.

It may not be a super popular site like Facebook or Google+, it may be an up and coming brand new site that is quietly growing in popularity. A few good sites to start out with include Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Digg.com, Pinterest and StumbledUpon.com

Step 3.) Plan your social media strategy
- You will want to have both a strategy ‘business use’ plan and a marketing plan. Your business use plan should outline how you plan to use social media to grow your business based on your company’s goals and objectives. In your marketing plan you should plan to do the following things :

+ Follow whats being discussed in general conversations. + Start engaging others by providing useful content. + Avoid getting involved in negative comment fights. + Build a good relationship before promoting your products. + Follow other thought leaders in your market.

Step 4.) Setup and Implement your campaign
- You will need to signup with a user account and enter your profile information. You should also include a link back to your main site if possible.

Step 5.) Make appropriate updates
- You should have a regular content publication schedule so that just like with a blog, you are posting or sending out fresh content on a regular basis.

Step 6.) Monitor Each Campaign Daily
- See who is commenting, liking and sharing your content and respond to incoming comments or reply’s. If you find it necessary, and often it is, to respond to a negative comment, always, show your high level of integrity by finding a way to frame your response in a positive way.

Social media marketing gives you the ability to communicate directly with your prospects and customers. However it is important to keep in mind that Its about making more connections with others and building relationships by providing "Value" to them before marketing your product or service.

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How To Make Money From Online Affiliate Marketing With The 5/5ths Method

To maximize your earning potential it is important that you try out different methods, and techniques for getting traffic and converting your traffic into happy and satisfied customers.

The 5/5ths formula to make money from online affiliate marketing is a simple method that you can use to plan and manage your time so that you are effectively working towards being productive and profitable.

Just like there is a basic formula for baking a cake or learning how to do anything successfully, the same is true for making money online and here is one of the most basic formulas that you can use to be successful with online affiliate marketing.

Part 1.) Knowledge - 1/5ths of the formula is the knowledge. This may actually be the easiest part because it is not very difficult to learn what to do as an affiliate. The key is to start off learning little by little and continue to keep growing your personal knowledge base over time.

Part 2.) Time - 2/5ths is investing the time needed in working on your business as well as working in your business. This is the part that can cause so many people to get frustrated, burnt out or just plain bored. They fail to realize the importance of allocating either daily or weekly time to working "On their business" as well as working in it.

You may only need to spend twenty percent of your time working on your business, planning, creating, setting up or implementing new strategies or systems and then spending the rest of your time working in your business, marketing and promoting to get traffic to your site.

Part 3.) Effort - 2/5ths is putting in the consistant Effort required to make your affiliate marketing business a financial success. In most cases you will not become an overnight success, (although it is possible) however for most people it will take a good amount of time before they have developed the skill level needed to become successful and actually start making money online.

However if you truly are looking to be able to enjoy some of the many different benefits of online affiliate marketing, things like having your own business with unlimited income potential, working from home and being your own boss then I'm sure you'll agree that it will definitely be worth it.

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3 Tips For More Traffic And Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Even though this video was made back in 2010 it still gives you some very accurate basic traffic getting information that works. Right below the video you will find the most current information that you need to make sure that you are building a profitable online affiliate marketing business.

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The 3 Most Profitable Activities For New Online Marketers

The two biggest questions that most new online marketers have after being online for a short period of time, with little or no experience are :

- How do I get more traffic to my site ?

- How do I make more sales ?

These are two really good questions and they are the signs of a very egar and ambitious business builder. The good news is that answer is simple, keeping in mind that simple does not always mean easy, at first. However, simple can be come easy over time, with practice and patience.

Just like when you first started to learn how to walk, it was simple (you just put one foot in front of the other, but that doesn't mean it was easy. However now when you think back on it, you realize that not only did it become easy but it was also well worth the effort. The same thing is true for building a successful and profitable online business.

Here are the 3 money making activities that you should be focusing on doing on a consistent basis, if you really want to become successful quickly :

1.) Market Research - Checking the financial strength of a market and its current trending direction (are sales increasing or decreasing) is an important first step before deciding on a particular niche market. Google trends is a great tool to give you a rough idea of how financial strong a market is and what direction it is trending.

2.) Keyword Research - One good place to start to get a general idea of which keywords to use for building your initial keyword list is the Google keyword tool. However, if you want to increase your odds of finding the best money making keywords, you should also checkout other options. One that might work better for you a keyword tool developed by a very successful online marketer, you can learn more about it here => http://this-is-perfect.info/KeywordXP

3.) Creating Content - Content comes in many different forms, shapes, styles and variations. The three basic areas that you want to try and cover are written, visual and audio. This will ensure that your content will be accessible for everyone in their preferred learning modality.

High quality, engaging content with good on page search engine optimization is what's important here. This will attract both the attention of the search engines as well as very interested readers who will be incline to like your content and share it.

By starting with and focusing on doing these 3 things correctly you will be making sure that you are investing your time and efforts in the things that will have the greatest positive impact on the success of your traffic and your sales.

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