The Best Affiliate Program Business Model For Your Online Business

Imagine having a growing number of customers that keep purchasing your product or service month after month. What impact would that have on your financial outlook for the future ?

If you are interested in starting a business for long term profit potential or you are interested in expanding your income options then you should be considering using this type of business model. The best affiliate program business model is one that makes use of a continuity program.

What Is Continuity ?

Basically it is when you make a sale once and you continue to provide a product or service to your customers at an agreed upon amount until they decide to cancel the agreement. This can help you to have a consistant source of income as long as you continue to meet your customers expectations with your product or service.

This can be an effective and profitable business model when someone wants to have an ongoing relationship with a particular business, because it allows for the ongoing and continuous re-purchasing or re-billing for a product, membership or service until a user requested termination is made.

Some examples of different types of continuity programs include monthly newsletter or magazine subscriptions, monthly health or diet supplements, coaching or membership sites.

There are many large and very successful companies that use this business model some examples include cellphone companies, utility companies, fitness gyms, etc, etc…

The Best Affiliate Program - Benefits Of Continuity Programs

* Recurring Income - This is often the biggest benefit for the business owner provided you are able to meet your customers expectations by always delivering consistant high value.

* Higher overall earnings - There are cases when a product owner of a continuity program will earn as high as 400 percent more than a product owner of a non-continuity similar product. You can also scale your profits up by adding additional continuity products and services for your new and existing customers.

* Less pressure to continually generate new sales - This will allow you more time to focus on providing excellent value and service to your current customers. This will often lead to your customers doing word of mouth advertising for you, which is the best and fastest way to grow your business.

* Allows for better customer interaction - Because you have an ongoing relationship with your customers you can do surveys or encourage their feedback to find ways to make your product or service better. You may also learn of new products or services that could be created to fill an unfulfilled need or gap in the marketplace.

* Increased brand awareness and brand recognition. The more often customers and prospects see and interact with you and your brand, the more they will come to like, trust and buy from you. This can easily be used to promote lifetime customers by providing them with a loyalty discount, if applicable.

The Best Affiliate Program - Keys To Success With A Continuity Program

There are a lot of different factors to consider when building any type of business, however here are 3 of the key areas that can help you the most in keeping your customer retention levels high.

+ Continue to deliver great value - Not only should you have a great product or service to begin with but you should continue to do what you can to improve it and increase the value that you are giving to your customers on a regular basis. This can be done by keeping in touch with your market through surveys, participating in forums and other events and by doing other types of research on a regular basis.

+ Develop a genuine interest in helping your customers achieve their goals. It is important to encourage customer feedback through your blog or website, emails, social media, etc… Once you receive user comments you should deliver great content in your responses as well. This lets your customers know that you are listening and that you are interested in helping them.

+ Provide a supportive environment such as a user forum that will encourage and support growth and goal achievement. This will help to build a sense of community where your customers can communicate with other like minded people.

The best affiliate program - Conclusion

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