Affiliate Marketing On Blogs - How To Promote Your Products

This is a recap of the video Affiliate Marketing On Blogs by Darren Rowse of It involves a case study showing how a product can be effectively promoted using mainly a blog and other social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and email marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

Basically it is the process of earning a commission as a result of promoting a product that someone else owns. There are many different ways to do this however some methods are far more effective than others.

Some Of The Keys To Successful Affiliate Marketing On Blogs

* When ever possible, personally review the product to make sure that it is a high quality product that you will be promoting.

* Only promote products that will be relevant and useful for your readers. If you are getting a lot of questions from your readers about a particular topic then that is a very good indication that they might be interested in purchasing a high quality product in that area.

* Get a deal for your readers - alternatively, if you are not able to get a special discount then you may be able to create your own special bonus like a “10 Top Tips Report” or something else that would also compliment the purchase and also add additional value.

* Choose a tactful way introduce the product to your readers by explaining how it may be relevant and useful. You may want to mention that you have gotten a lot of questions on this subject and that is why you are doing a post on it. This will help you to prepare your readers for your offer.

* Give a honest and thorough view explaining both the positive and any negative aspects that you may have found. This will help you to create trust and credibility with your readers.

* Mention any discounts, coupon codes or ending promotional dates if applicable. Also, include screen shots if possible and a video walk through would be even more helpful.

* Have a call to action linking to the actual product where they can make a purchase.

These are very effective, low pressure methods that are very effective at helping you improve your success with affiliate marketing on blogs.

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