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What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

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How To Make Money From Online Affiliate Marketing With The 5/5ths Method

To maximize your earning potential it is important that you try out different methods, and techniques for getting traffic and converting your traffic into happy and satisfied customers.

The 5/5ths formula to make money from online affiliate marketing is a simple method that you can use to plan and manage your time so that you are effectively working towards being productive and profitable.

Just like there is a basic formula for baking a cake or learning how to do anything successfully, the same is true for making money online and here is one of the most basic formulas that you can use to be successful with online affiliate marketing.

Part 1.) Knowledge - 1/5ths of the formula is the knowledge. This may actually be the easiest part because it is not very difficult to learn what to do as an affiliate. The key is to start off learning little by little and continue to keep growing your personal knowledge base over time.

Part 2.) Time - 2/5ths is investing the time needed in working on your business as well as working in your business. This is the part that can cause so many people to get frustrated, burnt out or just plain bored. They fail to realize the importance of allocating either daily or weekly time to working "On their business" as well as working in it.

You may only need to spend twenty percent of your time working on your business, planning, creating, setting up or implementing new strategies or systems and then spending the rest of your time working in your business, marketing and promoting to get traffic to your site.

Part 3.) Effort - 2/5ths is putting in the consistant Effort required to make your affiliate marketing business a financial success. In most cases you will not become an overnight success, (although it is possible) however for most people it will take a good amount of time before they have developed the skill level needed to become successful and actually start making money online.

However if you truly are looking to be able to enjoy some of the many different benefits of online affiliate marketing, things like having your own business with unlimited income potential, working from home and being your own boss then I'm sure you'll agree that it will definitely be worth it.

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