4 Keys To Using Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business

You can and should learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing to grow your business. Start by expand your thinking and marketing efforts to incorporate the social media method of marketing which is focused on relationship-based marketing.

These tools can significantly increase your visibility within the market place and help you connect directly with your potential and existing customers. The old way of marketing online, by saturating the marketplace with your marketing message is being replaced with social media marketing.

Todays consumers want two-way communications, which means that now it is very important to make sure that your marketing message is both informative and engaging. All small and medium businesses should be aware of the Big 4 Social Media Networks which are :





And other up and coming sites like Google+, Pinterest, etc. However the key is to find out where the majority of your target market is being most active and then focus your efforts on those sites.

4 Keys To Growing Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

1.) Personalize Your Company - People want to relate to other people not companies. There should be a real person representing your business on all of your social networks.

2.) Create a strong branded presence - Have a consistent branded image on all of your social profiles. Professional graphics, irresistible offers and strong calls to action will all help to increase opt-ins and conversions to your page.

3.) Always make a two-way dialogue available this is key. Talk with your audience and not at them. You should inspire conversations by asking questions and asking for feedback.

4.) Grow your followers and audience - Provide incentives like free give-a-ways, contests, or bonuses to keep people promoting you and your brand.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most powerful and valuable forms of marketing and social media marketing helps to spread it like wildfire.

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