Tips On How To Create A Website And Make Money Online Consistently

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The following tips on how to create a website and make money online consistently will help you get a broad overview of one of the best ways to earn income as an affiliate marketer. This can be your starting point to building a full-time income using the internet.

Affiliate marketing is basically the process of earning money as a result of referring buyers to a merchants site who in turn pays you a commission off of each purchase that you helped to generate.

To be successful you can simply start by learning how to do the following things :

* Choose a profitable niche to work with

* Develop a list building strategy

* Create a website to promote quality content and affiliate products.

* Traffic Generation

Even though it looks like a simple process, it does require a good amount of work at the start, to be able successfully drive enough traffic to your merchants site and make sales. You should expect to spend most of your time working on marketing and promoting your content and website. Neglecting this very important step is what causes most new marketers to quit, fail or fall short of achieving their income goals.

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Tips On How To Create A Website And Make Money Online

*** Tip #1) Purchase a domain name that can be easy to remember, associated with your niche and will be brand-able.

Learning how to create a website is one of those things that appears to be getting easier and easier with each passing year. Not too long ago you would need programming skills in order to create your own site.

Fortunately for all of us who do not have the time (or interest) for learning website programming there are easier ways to get a website created, up and running.

One option is by using a free content management system like or These free hosting options are not recommended for your main money making site but can be used as an additional traffic and lead generating source.

The best option is to invest in getting your own domain which will cost $10.00 or less to purchase and then a yearly renewal fee of around $10.00.

Another option would be to use an already "Done for you" or pre-configured website. With a done for you website, you can purchase a domain that you will have more control over along with a hosting service for your domain and you are ready to get your site installed, configured, up and running.

Once you have decided which option you are going to use you are then ready to begin the process of learning how to create a website and make money online, by following these basic steps :

Step 1.) Do market research to find a profitable niche

Step 2.) Plan Your List Building strategy for getting interested subscribers

Step 3.) Create A Website

Step 4.) Traffic Generation

These are the basic steps that will help you get your online business started. The key here is for you to focus on getting good at the basics.

*** Tip #2) Focus On Mastering the basics which are market and keyword research, list building, website creation/optimization and traffic generation.

By getting really good at these four things you will be setting yourself up for longterm online success.

Tips On How To Create A Website To Make Money Online - Find a profitable niche

Ideally you should choose a niche where you have a good deal of experience in and that you know very well. This could be as a result of your current or previous occupation, hobby or training. Otherwise you should look for a profitable niche that you would enjoy working in.

Your next step will then be to make sure that it can be a profitable niche for you. The best way to do this is to do your research and this will help you identify whether or not it is likely to be a profitable niche.

Here is an exert from a great article that gives you more insight on why you need to do market research to help you find a profitable marketing opportunity.

How to Build A Website For Affiliate Marketing Success

By Jullian James

Market Research

Most affiliate marketers get drawn very easily to the keyword research and foregoing the requirement for market research. Although keyword research does matter in online affiliate marketing, nothing beats the old days of market research. You still need to understand what your potential clients want. From there, you can derive what are the services or products that will suit their needs.

Besides that, you also have to do some research on the products or services you are about to promote. I myself avoid promoting junk products that will give no value to my customers. The reason is simple, I want to keep my loyal customer forever and I am not going to sell something just for the sake of money. In fact, I will only promote something that I bought myself and love using them all the time.

This will build your credibility in the long run. At least, that will be my first answer if anyone asks me on how to build a website for affiliate marketing. Remember, promote quality products only. Article Source:

Tips On How To Create A Website And Make Money Online - Build A List

Once you have done your market research and you have verified that there are plenty of people searching for information and products related to your niche, you should then turn your attention to what could be your most important and valuable on line asset, which is a email list of interested and responsive subscribers within your niche.

A responsive list can help you generate regular monthly income and provide you with multiple streams of income as well. This can be achieved by strategically promoting high quality products that provide recurring income and by using different vendors. For example If you are in the weightloss niche, you may want to promote a high quality nutrition program to your list and also promote a weight loss membership site.

Here is a great exert from an article that tells you the basic elements that will be needed for effective list building.

4 Elements of List Building

by Ana Hoffman

1. Traffic - the more, the better. I am talking about targeted and diverse (coming from different sources).

2. Lead Magnet – the freebie you are planning to offer. And the stakes are high these days; you’d better make it good.

3. Opt-in Form – eye-catching, to the point, and here’s the tricky part: everywhere, but not intrusive.

4. Monetization – how are you planning on making money off your list. Your own product, services, affiliate products, etc.

More at…

Tips On How To Create A Website To Make Money Online - Monitizing Your List

Monitizing your list should be a higher priority than monitizing your website. The reason why this is true is because if you provide your list with consistant high quality content you will have a responsive list along with a higher conversion rate.

This can be done by building rapport with your subscribers, providing them with high value content and high quality promotional offers that will help them do better, feel better, solve their problems or achieve their individual goals.

Tips On How To Create A Website And Make Money Online Quickly And Easily

*** Tip # 3) Learn From An Expert this can help you save a great deal of time, money and wasted efforts.

Here is a video by Chris Farrell from his success grenade training series where he will walk you through the entire process of creating a one page "done for you" website that can quickly and easily be used to help you make money online.

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