Affiliate Marketing - How To Make Money Online Email List Building

This is a really good video by Mick Moore and Bill McRea at that explains some very important affiliate marketing and their personal experiences with email list building that lead to their six and even seven figure successes.

Some of the key points mentioned included the following :

Becoming successful is an ongoing journey where you need to be continually learning, changing and growing.

There are a lot of different ways to do affiliate marketing such as blog or website content writing, social media marketing, email list building, etc, etc...

The best strategy is to be continuously open to learning, testing and trying new and different strategies, systems and methods to keep providing more value and earning more income.

It can be fun and easy (once you learn how to do it well) but you need to think of it as a game where you may be dealt a new hand to play everyday. Your job is to find a way to win : - )

Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) can still work to help you create a passive income, however it does take longer and you are taking more risk if you only rely on that one traffic source for your income.

Your smartest investment of time and effort will be in focusing on building a responsive and growing email list of buyers.

Why You Should Focus On Email List building

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect as a result of building your own subscriber and buyers list :

Automation - Once you have your sales funnel with your autoresponder setup and in place, you can create a series of marketing messages will take care of your marketing on autopilot.

Personal Traffic Source - This will be another source of traffic that you will have access to even if the search engines change there algorithms (again) and your site drops in the rankings. With a responsive list you will still be able to provide value to others and make money online.

More Sales - Because you will be able to do followup marketing you will have a much better opportunity to build rapport with your subscribers, so that they can come to like you, trust you and that is when they will be more likely to want to do business with you.

The key to successful email list building is to cultivate a good relationship with your subscribers by providing valuable (free) content and high quailty offers.

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